Islamic Society of New Tampa – Daarus Salam Mosque

15830 Morris Bridge Rd., Thonotosassa, FL 33592, USA

Mosque Rules

The Board of Directors and members of the community would like to welcome you to our community mosque.  Below please find ISONET's solicitation policy, speaking engagements guidelines, and mosque rules. 

All respected visitors and speakers are expected to follow these guidelines when speaking at any event or when using the Masjid facilities. The intent of these guidelines is to ensure:

  1. That the congregation is able to perform their prayers, supplications and Zikr in a calm, peaceful and serene atmosphere at all times and especially after each Fard Salat. 
  2. That the mosque facilities remain clean, neat and fresh at all times.

Thank you for your understanding and full adherence and cooperation.  For questions or comments, please email us at:

Solicitation Policy

Effective Date: October 1st, 2014

It is the policy of Islamic Society of New Tampa (ISONET) to prohibit the solicitation of funds, the sale of goods, and distribution of printed materials on its premises by the general public, and commercial enterprises and organizations. Exceptions to this policy shall be as indicated herein. 


ISONET prohibits all direct or printed solicitation on its premises because such activity has the potential for: (a) endangering ISONET's tax exempt status (b), impeding ISONET's donations receipts, (c) interfering with the normal operations of ISONET , (d) being bothersome to patrons and attendees of ISONET sponsored events, (e) exposing ISONET to legal liabilities.


ISONET Board or its designee shall be responsible for enforcing this policy.


ISONET may give permission to Islamic Organizations to place their solicitation flyer of small size in the Community Bulletin board situated, in the Daarus Salaam mosque’s vestibule, in accordance with the following guidelines:   

  1. An Islamic Organization with 501 C (3) status with IRS, may request permission to display a 6” x 8” poster of their fundraising event, provided such request is submitted to one of the board members of ISONET, sufficiently in advance of the event. After review by the board member or his designee and if deemed appropriate and in accordance with this policy, the said literature may be displayed in the bulletin board up to the date of the event, but, distribution of hand outs shall not be permitted. 
  2. Violation of this policy will not be tolerated and ISONET reserves the right to take appropriate measures to enforce this solicitation policy. 
  3. Members of community, by requesting a board member, may place a 4” x 6” size “For Rent” or “Baby Sitting” or “Help Wanted” ad for a period of one month. Such advertisers should understand that ISONET takes no responsibility for the authenticity of any Ad placed on the Community Bulletin Board.  
  4. With the approval of the Masjid's Imam, a recognized and well known organization may solicit donations at I patrons, provided solicitation of funds are exclusively for helping the victims of natural disaster and, provided such efforts are not in violation of laws of United States. 

End of Policy

Speakers guidelines

  1.  All speaking engagements including announcements, lectures, sermons, and the venue (e.g. main prayer hall, class rooms or the old masjid auditorium, etc.) must be pre-authorized by at least one member of the Executive Committee of the Masjid in writing.
  2.  If the lecture or sermon is to be held in the main prayer hall, a minimum of 10 to 15 minutes must be allowed for the worshipers to complete their Sunnah prayers and supplications before starting the lecture or sermon.
  3. The length of the lecture or sermon and the duration of stay in the mosque must be declared in advance.
  4. Any or all brochures, pamphlets, and other material that were brought in the mosque must be removed or taken away from the mosque.
  5. Political assertions or any pronouncements that can be perceived as hate mongering or statements that can be interpreted as inciting of violence, etc. against anyone local or foreign, are absolutely forbidden in the mosque.

Mosque Etiquette

  1. Overnight sleeping in the new mosque building, except for Aitekaf is not allowed.
  2. Food or drink is not allowed to be consumed in any carpeted area in the new or old mosque building.
  3. When foods or drinks are brought in or consumed in the non-carpeted areas of the mosque, all types of waste including leftover food, drinks, paper products, cutlery, and other garbage, must be collected in heavy plastic garbage bags and properly disposed of before leaving the mosque.
  4. Any utensils, and equipment used during the visit must be properly washed, dried and stored away as they were found.
  5. Proper dress code and all Islamic etiquette appropriate for amosque must be followed at all times
  6. Restrooms and toilets must be kept clean and used with consideration for other users. Water must not be spilled on the floor or toilet seat and left unclean.
  7. All parking rules and regulations must be followed.